Colored glass Lacobel Float glass is coated on one side of high-quality paint. Lacobel is mainly used for indoor. Ideally suited for use in the interiors of public and commercial projects stores, offices, Hotels, restaurant, premises. In the private comfort of your home color Lacobel works well when arranging Kitchen, stores, Bathrooms, the bedroom, Cabinet. Makes it ideal as a supplement to the modern interiors in the form of shelves, tops, wall coverings, or as the finishing of furniture in the rooms and bathrooms. Thanks to their versatility perfectly with such materials as wood, steel and stone. High gloss Lacobel well by what illuminate the interior adds to its elegance.

Painted glass is easy to install and maintain. Lacobel is mounted so, the varnish layer was covered by a glass that is coated on the outside. Moisture-resistant layer of paint on the rear surface Lacobel is always inside the support structure. This protects it from damage and ensures, that the color and appearance of the glass will not change. The layer of paint used to cover the glass is a clean and environmentally friendly. Does not contain heavy metals. Lacobel can be easily bonded with silicone adhesive, adhesives for ceramics or double-sided adhesive.

Table of colors Lacobel

Shimmering with all the colors of the rainbow collection of painted glass makes it possible to select the most desirable shade and fit it into the room. Collection Lacobel occurs in a wide range of colors, both in standard colors as well as custom.


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