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What are cookies (Cookies)?

This is a small text file, called cookies (z ang. cookie - cake), sent by the web service, who visit and recorded on the edge (computer, laptop, smartphone), we use for web browsing.

"Cookies", consisting of a series of letters and digits, There are various information necessary for the proper functioning of websites, np. those requiring authorization - when logging in to your email account or an online store.

All services operating on the internet - search engine, Site Information, News, stores, the government agencies and other public institutions, may not work properly through the use of "cookies".

Cookies also allow save your preferences and to personalize web pages for display of content and ad targeting. Thanks to the "cookies" it is possible to also capture products and services, or vote in online polls.

Personal data collected using "cookies" may be collected only for the purpose of performing specific functions for the user, that is, for example,. remember login to the site or store goods added to the cart to shop online. Such data are encrypted to prevent access to them by unauthorized persons.

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